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Healthy Smiles

Get your day started with a smile: check our services to see what we can help you with!
Dental Implants
Interactively actualize processes with convergence. Synergistically deliver performance methods.
General Dentistry
Energistically fabricate an expanded array of niche markets through robust dental end user products.
Urgent Surgery
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Urgent Surgery
Distinctive enable enabled sources and cost effective principle centered information about products.

Healthy Smiles

Get your day started with a smile: check our services to see what we can help you with!
Dental Implants
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth.
General Surgery
Dental surgery refers to any procedure that involves cutting into the soft tissue or bones of the mouth, face, or jaw to treat a range of dental and oral conditions.
Cosmetic Dentisty
Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums, and bite.
Dentures are prosthetic devices that are designed to replace missing teeth and help restore the ability to bite and chew properly.
Dental Whitening
Dental whitening, also known as teeth whitening, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the color and appearance of teeth by removing stains and discoloration.
Aesthetic Fillings
Aesthetic fillings are dental restorations that are designed to not only restore the function of a damaged or decayed tooth, but also to match the color, shape, and texture of the surrounding teeth.

Our Mission
Care For You

To improve a patient's life is our personal goal as dental experts. We genuinely care about our patients and the work we undertake to ensure that they have good oral health for life. Through ongoing education and a commitment to excellence, we will continue to advance in our professional abilities.
General Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Teeth Whitening
Child Dentistry
Tooth Extraction

Our Vision
A Perfect Smile

Becoming a preferred healthcare provider by continuously enhancing the quality of treatment and services to meet international standards and utilizing advanced technology.
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Dental Tourism
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STEP 1Contact us

If you have a dentist's report or the most current panoral x-ray of your dental issue, please contact us.

STEP 2Get a Quote

You will receive a free estimate and contact suggestion for your dental and travel arrangements.

STEP 3Travel

Make travel arrangements to DenteliteGlobal in accordance with the agreed-upon dental procedure duration or quoted quotation.

STEP 4Arrival

You'll get a schedule of all your appointments after we decide on the best course of action.

STEP 5Surgery

You will conduct the final examination with a dentist on your first day before beginning the required treatment.

STEP 6Follow up Check

If your assigned dentists feel it's necessary to provide quality care, they might ask you to spend an additional day or two.

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So happy with my recent dental treatment. Thank you for all your hard work and making me feel so comfortable throughout.

Stuart Attaway

Technion CEO

I cannot recommend DentiCare enough for implant work if your thinking of having this done. You always know you are in safe hands!

Helen Viney

Bold Timeline Inc

I have always loved the DentiCare team. They are fantastic with my kids and make coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience.

Jamie Willis

DevSpace CFO

So happy with my recent dental treatment. Thank you for all your hard work and making me feel so comfortable throughout.

Nancy Gordon

Omnicom Solutions

After ages of having a nagging bad tooth I decided to have it taken out, feel so much better now, great friendly dentist and staff.

Kevin Thomas

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Today, one of the top countries in the world for patients seeking dental care abroad is Turkey. Istanbul provides dental tourists with a singular experience that is unmatched anyplace in the globe.
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We at DentiCare are focused on helping you. Dynamically reinvent market-driven opportunities and interfaces. Efficiently innovate open-source materials.


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If you’ve been happy with the care you’ve received and would like to share dental referrals with your friends and family, DentiCare invites you to take part in our dental referrals rewards program.
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