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From all over the world, people come to Turkey for vacations and dental procedures. The most common dental operations in Turkey are veneers and implants because they are far less expensive than in other nations. Is it safe to have my teeth done in Turkey? is one of the queries you would have if you are planning to have dental treatment done abroad.

In Turkey, dentists must complete five years of education before choosing to specialize in orthodontics or prosthodontics. Turkish Dental Association (TDA) controls both dental practice and further education and development of dental practitioners. Turkish Ministry of Health regulates dental licensure and education across the nation. After receiving their degree, dentists must join the TDA in order to practice in a way that is professional, safe, and clean. The association also monitors the association’s members’ work to ensure that it meets these standards.

Turkey is a fantastic destination for dentistry travelers. No surgery is without a degree of risk, but the best approach to guarantee your safety is to select a reputed clinic, wherever the procedure is carried out in the world.

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