How Does
The Process Work?

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Step 1: Contact us

Contact us about the treatments you are interested in for a free quote and detailed information.

Stage 2: Planning the treatment

Our doctors assess the patient’s medical history and condition. Before a personalized treatment is planned, documents such as operation and examination reports, X-rays and laboratory results are viewed by our specialists

Stage 3: Financial details

Once the treatment plan is ready, we work on the cost estimate. We will issue a pro forma invoice detailing the treatment plan, fees and possible changes. Please note that these are estimates only and an unexpected event may affect the final bill.

Stage 4: Visa Applications

Visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, select your nation, and read the information for regular passport holders. To assist you in applying for the visa, we will prepare and transmit the necessary paperwork. The procedure of applying for a visa is facilitated by official letters of appointment written by our doctors.

Level 5: Transfer and Assistant
If needed our partner “cureinturkiye” can assit you to provide private transport between the airport, hotel and clinic. Your patient coordinator will accompany you through all the processes to support you.

Stage 6: Accommodation
If needed our partner “cureinturkiye” can assit you for finding different accommodation alternatives considering your needs and budget. Contract hotels are close to our clinics.

28 years of experience
Founded by doctors who have been working in Turkey’s dental industry since ccc, We understands what patients need, want and expect for a successful treatment experience. By working with renowned doctors we guarantee a high quality of service and successful results.

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