Your Smile Design Process

Our doctors are able to individually tailor a treatment plan for each patient according to our Smile Design approach. The Smile Design service enables us to examine both cosmetic changes and the functionality of your mouth and jaw during our thorough consultation process.

Step 1

First Appointment

After getting to know you, we take impressions and pictures of your condition in our clinic.


Step 2

Until the second appointment

Using these pictures and impressions we create a 3D model by running them through the program Exocad. These 3D models are the result of our case specific work taking healthy muscles, TMJ and esthetics into account. Biological measurements and the golden ratio are also reflected in this model.


Step 3

Second appointment

Let’s get to work! We ask you to set aside 4 hours of your time to make all the preparations, take impressions and place the temporary dentures which will reflect the new shape and form of your teeth and closure. Our aim is that with these temporaries, you will get used to your new set of teeth while we work on the permanents.


Step 4

Until the last appointment

While you fully explore this fascinating city with different beauties, our team of technicians work on each and every case with full dedication. It takes us 7-10 days to create your new smile. We take this time to be able to work meticulously and with attention to detail


Step 5

Last Appointment

We ask you to set aside 2 hours for this appointment. We try and show you your new smile before cementation. We work as a big team for this step and make sure everything is perfect.

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