Istanbul is a popular destination for medical tourism due to its advanced healthcare facilities, highly trained medical professionals, and affordable medical procedures.

Istanbul has had an illustrious 8,500-year history and has always been a significant metropolis in its time. The Bosphorus, which divides Europe and Asia, runs through the city, and was once the capital of numerous empires, including the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. The city is home to some priceless ancient sites.

78 public and private museums, 112 shopping malls, 5 imperial palaces, numerous summer palaces and mansions, a number of historic bazaars, 54 universities, the capital of three great empires, has a population of 14.8 million, is the eighth most visited city in the world, was named the world’s leading congress destination in 2010, and was named the European Capital of Sport in 2012. It also connects Europe and Asia.

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, was included on a list of the world’s top 53 cities compiled by a U.K.-based culture publication in 2022
Edinburgh came up on top of the Time Out magazine’s ranking of 53 cities, followed by Chicago, Medellin, and Istanbul, which came in at number 50.
The opening of Galataport was one of the most significant events in the city this year, according to the magazine, adding that it didn’t take long for Istanbul to shake off the COVID-19 sorrow and get back to being its upbeat self as always.

The Atatürk Cultural Center, one of the metropolis’ renowned art venues, hosted opera, theater, concerts, and cinema screenings, while the 17th Istanbul Biennial and numerous significant musical events stood out, according to the magazine. Istanbul also exhibited its distinctive cultural life.

Almost all of the city’s residents (97%) appreciated the metropolis for never being monotonous and the variety it provided.

A whopping 83 percent said it was diversified and almost 82 percent said it was fantastic for food and drink. A wave of enthusiasm spread throughout the business with the publication of the city’s first Michelin guide, it was added.

Istanbul’s popularity as a conference location is due in part to its accessibility from everywhere in the world. One and a half billion people live within four hours of Istanbul thanks to Turkish Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, which operates over 300 direct flights to destinations on five continents. traveling through two airports, particularly the world’s busiest airport, Istanbul Airport, which measures passenger traffic.

Istanbul offers a range of accommodations, including top international and domestic hotel brands, with a total bed capacity of 145,548 and more than 293 four and five-star hotels. Istanbul’s Yesilkoy District and Congress Valley both offer independent but integrable meeting and exposition clusters. Istanbul offers meeting organizers a wealth of spectacular possibilities to produce genuinely outstanding events, in addition to the unique incentives provided by the city’s historical sites, palaces, and cutting-edge modern venues

Unique Experience

Istanbul welcomes you with special settings to encounter a fusion of many cultures and a magnificent cuisine of the East and West. These places range in historical significance from Ottoman palaces to cisterns, from modern amenities to mansions on the Bosphorus coasts. Istanbul is prepared for you with the assurance of an amazing experience for your events and congresses, whether a gala dinner or a social function, for any program you may arrange.

In recent years, Istanbul has played host to a number of major conferences. Some of the major occasions, which have been lauded by the international community, include:

5,000 people attended the 22nd World Petroleum Congress and 5,000 people attended the 16th World Congress of Neurosurgery.
26,000 participants attend the 10,000-person World Humanitarian Summit at the 23rd World Energy Congress.

Taste in Istanbul
For those who are interested in discovering and savoring new flavors, the variety and wealth of Turkish cuisine offers a wide range of options. Turkey’s culinary landscape exhibits a great culinary synthesis derived from its cultural background, from delectable meat, seafood, and vegetable specialties to magnificent pastry options. Istanbul offers a diverse selection of cuisines from all over the world.

Getting Around
Istanbul’s public transportation system can be challenging to navigate because of the poor line connections, lack of maps, and frequent transfers that need additional fares. You may, however, avoid cabs and limit your walking distance if you put some effort into it. Istanbul’s public transportation system uses a smart card called the “Istanbulkart,” which may be used as a ticket on buses, trams, suburban trains, the metro, local ferries, etc. If you plan to use public transportation while in Istanbul for more than a day or two, it will pay for itself after a few excursions.

Patient Satisfaction
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